Videolabstream is our online platform for the distribution, exchange and transcoding of audiovisual contents with professional broadcast quality.


Share and distribute your videos in a very easy and fast way!


You can safely store your master copies in our servers and enjoy a permanent remote connection so as to keep control over your materials at all times.


You also have the option of sending them to all the recipients of your choice. Thanks to our integrated system, you can send your customers any file they need in record time via the UDP.


This service has been especially conceived for production companies, distributors, agencies, etc, so that they can share their contents, without having to physically send the masters.


How does it work?

  • The customer easily uploads its contents and Videolab carries out the professional conversion to all formats and systems.
  • The platform makes it possible, with a user and password, to upload and download the information at UDP speed to manage the contents.


Videolabstream has a product card for its evolution and viewing for the purposes of subsequent sale or exchange.

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Platform access link:


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