Subtitles for the deaf, audiodescription and electronic subtitling


At Videolab we go far beyond the translation of a script. It is necessary to take into account that subtitling somebody else’s production does not mean putting the whole of the translation text into the subtitles, but rewriting this text in keeping with the established constraints, retaining internal cohesion. Without previous summarising, it will not be possible to create legible or comprehensible subtitles.


We take care of the subtitling and the insertion of the subtitles for a film, documentary, series, institutional or educational reports, BLU-RAY, DVD, DCP, etc.

We offer the electronic subtitling service in cinema rooms, festivals, film libraries and museums. Find out!


Subtitles for the hard of hearing

We adapt to the norms and characteristics of subtitling for the hard of hearing, in order to give such people access to all audiovisual material.



AD work includes the writing of the ADS (Audio Description Script), the direction of the recording of the informative takes, consultancy on the adjustment, as well as spelling, typography and stylistic correction of the ADS.


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