Service of digitalisation for libraries, Schools and Town halls

We are experts in the digital documentary management for museums, municipal archives, etc. At Videolab we perform all types of document digitalisation.


We offer fast, accesible audiovisual solutions for the digitalisation of videotape and film libraries. Videolab can help you keep you audiovisual library for its uploading in the new digital platforms.


Service of digitalisation of files, changes of standard and broadcast copies


We have all video formats and can digitalise to any VIDEO OR AUDIO FILE format. We perform format changes with the best specialised machinery: copying, transcoding, changing resolution from SD to HD or changing aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9.


We have the best real-time conversion machinery so that your images are clear, sharp and noise-free. We can upgrade your audiovisual material, whether it be in SD to HD or 4K. Always guaranteeing the best image quality for your productions.


Moreover, we offer an alternative for storing your masters and copies in the LTO Back-up system, an effective-high-duration option for data conservation and protection.



We are your video, cine, audio & multimedia lab

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